Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Parent Council

The Parent Council is made up of a group of 20 parents and carers who meet termly at the academy to discuss educational and community issues with academy staff.

Mission Statement Parent Council

  • To work together with everyone involved in Academy life, parents, learners, teachers, Academy staff and the wider community to support Oasis Isle of Sheppey Academy.
  • To ensure that all parents and carers work in partnership with the Academy to support their children’s education - and are able to express their views and wishes.


  1. To support the school in its work with the students.
  2. To represent the views of parents and carers.
  3. Help to encourage links between the school, parents, carers, students, primary schools, pre-school groups and the wider community, to encourage further education.
  4. Report back to parents and carers from the school.
  5. Support were possible the school during school inspections, and fund raising events.
  6. Support the school at parents’ evenings with representatives from the Parent Council.
  7. Promote positive attitudes towards the school and what the Academy Leadership are trying to accomplish.