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Careers Guidance

At Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey we are committed to ensuring all students have access to impartial careers advice and have access to employers who can help students consider their future options. To help us do this we link our careers guidance to the Gatsby Benchmarks which have been explicitly referenced throughout the DfE’s Careers Strategy (December 2017) and the new Statuary Guidance for Careers (January 2018).  We also work The Careers and Enterprise Programme, along with Kent and Medway Progression Federation.  KMPF is a partnership between the University of Kent, Canterbury Christ Church University, the University of Creative Arts, Kent County Council, Medway Council and 40 secondary schools.  KMPF work with us to raise the aspirations and attainment of our students.

The Gatsy Benchmarks are below:

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance 

We currently meet each of these benchmarks through the following provisions.
Impartial Careers Advice (Benchmarks 1, 2, 3 & 8) - all Year 11 students have at least one meeting with an impartial careers advisor during Year 11. These meetings are designed to help students identify the best route for them Post 16 either at Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey or at an alternative provision such as Sheppey, Canterbury or Mid-Kent College or alternative Sixth Form. Students will be given information on college apprenticeships/traineeships and other Post 16 local training provision. Students are supported to complete their applications and can receive interview practice.

We host an annual Careers Fair (Benchmarks 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7) inviting specific year groups to attend during the school day.  After school, the event is opened to our local community so that parents can attend with their son/daughter.  Careers Assemblies (Benchmarks 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7)- KS5 careers assemblies take place every term delivered by visiting speakers, going forward (2019-2020) this will be available for all Key Stages.

Our careers advisor is also present at three key events at the school. They attend both Year 8 options evening, Year 11 parent evening and Sixth Form Open Evening to work with young people and their families.  At these events, they are able to give advice and guidance to both students and their parents.  On GCSE Results Day and A-Level results day we have a number of providers available to support students with their next steps. Our Careers Leader works closely with local providers to ensure that opportunities are available to Year 11 school leavers. (Benchmarks 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 & 8).

During the Summer Term Year 10, students will also participate in a one-week work experience programme (Benchmarks 5 & 6) organised in association with Medway Education Business Partnership (MEBP).  Students are fully prepared for this beforehand and then shown how to make use of the skills they have learnt when they return to school.  Students may wish to source their own placements, which they can do and MEBP will ensure that a Health and Safety check takes place.  Our Work Experience programme is a great opportunity for our students and many have received Apprenticeship and employment opportunities as a result.  Work Experience is also encouraged and supported in Year 12 too.

Experiences of higher education (Benchmark 7)- throughout their time at the school students are invited to attend trips to local universities: Canterbury Christ Church University, University of Kent and University of Creative Arts.

In Year 12 and 13 students are encouraged to attend university Open days.  In Year 12 we take students to the local UCAS convention.  We host Apprenticeship workshops, with local providers for Year 13 students. We work with The Careers and Enterprise Company and are building our network of employers.

The Academy is keen to invite providers of technical education and apprenticeships to speak with all year groups throughout the academic year.

Provider Access Statement

For further information on our careers programme please contact our Careers Lead, Miss Chere Kempt, Progression, Careers and Work Experience Leader

Email: chere.kempt@oasisisleofsheppey.org

Telephone: 01795 873591


Review:  July 2019


Secondary Phase Careers Offer

Students begin career exploration in Year 7 and then continue with this from Year 8 to Year 13, developing an awareness of different range of careers and to explore where people work.  Students will gain an understanding of job families and develop an understanding of link between school subjects and careers.

During the Summer Term Year 10 students will also participate in a one-week work experience programme organised in association with Medway Education Business Partnership (MEBP).  They are fully prepared for this beforehand and then shown how to make use of the skills they have learnt when they return to school.  Students may wish to source their own placements, which they can do and MEBP will ensure that a Health and Safety check takes place.  Our Work Experience programme is a great opportunity for our students and many have received Apprenticeship and employment opportunities as a result.  Work Experience is also encouraged and supported in Year 12 too.

At the start of Year 11 every student receives a ‘one-to-one’ careers interview with an experienced CXK Careers Adviser. Miss Kempt, our Careers Officer and a CXK Careers Adviser also attends events such as Year 8 Options Evening, Year 11 Parents Evenings, Sixth Form Open Evenings and our Post 16 Guidance Evening.

All Year 11 students are informed of the Post 16 opportunities available to them and supported in their applications to Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey Sixth Form and to other Further Education centres of their choice. This is completed on www.ucasprogress.com They are given detailed information about this process via Miss Kempt.

Sixth Form Careers Offer

In Years 12 and 13 we support students with developing their interview and employability skills and we provide them with the information they need to make choices for when they leave our Sixth Form. Each year, Year 12 students attend the UCAS Convention, here they have the opportunity to speak to Universities from all over the country.

If university is a choice then they are guided through the ’UCAS’ process and advised as to how to write their Personal Statements. In addition all students can meet with Miss Kempt for information, advice and guidance if they wish to follow an apprenticeship or employment pathway.

Year 12 and Year 13 students are also encouraged to take up volunteering. Students are advised as to how these activities will all help towards their future employment.

Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey works closely with The Kent & Medway Progression Federation.  This is a partnership between Canterbury Christ Church University, the University for the Creative Arts, the University of Kent, Kent County Council, Medway Council, East Kent College, and 40 schools.  They work together to raise the attainment and aspirations of young people in Kent and Medway who may not otherwise consider higher education as a route to success.  We are invited to many events at the different universities for students to have a taste of university life.

A Careers Fair is held annually attracting local exhibitors who talk to students in all year groups about their industry and the career and apprenticeships opportunities available.  Local colleges and universities are also invited too.

The Academy measures and assesses the impact of the careers programme through the use of student surveys and destination data.  Students will complete a careers journal to show their development, knowledge and skills they have built throughout Years 7 through to 13.  

Advice for students interested in Higher Education

TARGET Careers university profiles give details such as number of students, student-staff ratio and average UCAS tariff needed: https://targetcareers.co.uk/university-hubs/ 

A course search function allows you to browse thousands of courses by university, qualification level, study mode and region: https://targetcareers.co.uk/search/courses

Find out what university rankings mean by looking at how they are calculated and what measures are used: https://targetcareers.co.uk/uni/choices-about-uni/384889-what-university-rankings-mean

Take a look at these degree subject guides to help you decide what to study at university. Look at what content, teaching methods and contact hours would suit you best as well as what careers each subject might lead to: https://targetcareers.co.uk/uni/degree-subject-guides

If you have a career area in mind, look at these various articles to help you understand what degrees would benefit your chosen path. From law to photography, design and TV there are over 15 different areas to explore: https://targetcareers.co.uk/uni/degree-subject-guides

These university reviews tell you what the universities are really like and are written by current students: https://targetcareers.co.uk/uni/university-reviews

Find out how much university will cost and get advice about tuition fees, whether you are from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland: https://targetcareers.co.uk/careers-advice/choices-about-uni/50-university-tuition-fees-and-funding 

Advice on Choosing your A Levels

Choose the best A Levels or BTEC options for your future, whether you want to go to university or get a job straight after school or college: https://targetcareers.co.uk/careers-advice/a-level-choices/315491-what-a-level-subjects-should-i-take

Useful Websites (Careers, Apprenticeships & University)

Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) is information about the job market – it shows patterns, trends, facts and figures which help students to understand the job market and make careers decisions.

LMI enables students to make informed choices on the economic and labour market conditions and how this will impact education, qualifications, training and skills.  It provides a better understanding of current and future supply and demand of labour and jobs, vacancies and recruitment.

Researching LMI allows students the opportunity to understand what the job market looks like and areas that will help you make your career choice.

LMI for All is an online data portal, which connects and standardises existing sources of high quality, reliable labour market information (LMI) with the aim of informing careers decisions. This data is made freely available via the widget below. 

You will be able to search information such as salary, working hours, the workforce, where you might find jobs and a brief overview of the careers.

Information finder

Career Options

Find out about different options by searching 12 careers sectors full of advice and information such as salaries you can expect to earn, the types of jobs available and what your options are with, or without, a degree: https://targetcareers.co.uk/career-sectors

From academic librarian to youth worker: look through graduate job descriptions to find out what each job involves and the qualifications and skills that are most needed: https://targetjobs.co.uk/careers-advice/job-descriptions

Building a CV

Put together a CV that will show you in the best possible light, whether you are applying for work experience, an entry-level job or apprenticeships and similar programmes: https://targetcareers.co.uk/careers-advice/applications-and-interviews/198-how-to-write-a-cracking-school-leaver-cv

Find out about online ability and aptitude tests for school leaver programmes, including numerical and verbal reasoning tests: https://targetcareers.co.uk/careers-advice/applications-and-interviews/44-online-ability-tests-for-school-leaver-programmes-and-apprenticeships

Make sure your online application form stands out for the right reasons and helps you get the apprenticeship place you want: https://targetcareers.co.uk/careers-advice/applications-and-interviews/42-top-tips-for-filling-in-school-leaver-programme-application-forms

Getting Work Experience

Find out about the different ways you can gain the work experience you need to impress employers and get hired, whether or not you go to university first: https://targetcareers.co.uk/careers-advice/skills-and-experience/388-work-experience-for-school-students-what-you-need-and-how-to-get-it

Make the most of your work experience by finding out what to wear, how to impress and what you should do once it is completed: https://targetcareers.co.uk/careers-advice/skills-and-experience/313849-how-to-make-the-most-of-your-work-experience-placement

University Open Days

University open days are a fantastic way of finding out about the universities that you are thinking of studying at and the courses you might want to take. Here are some top tips for making the most of your visits: https://targetcareers.co.uk/uni/choices-about-uni/313867-how-to-make-the-most-of-university-open-days

Popular Choices for School and University Leavers

The UK’s 100 most popular employers for school leavers

·         Take a look at the 100 most popular employers for school leavers as voted for by school pupils: https://targetcareers.co.uk/school-leavers-100

The UK’s 50 most popular universities for school leavers

·         Find out the 50 most popular universities in the UK as voted for by school pupils: https://targetcareers.co.uk/top-50-unis


Thinking About Taking a Gap Year?

Thinking of taking a gap year before starting university or beginning work on an apprenticeship? Plan ahead so you get what you want out of your time out: https://targetcareers.co.uk/careers-advice/gap-years/180-how-to-have-a-well-planned-gap-year



Are you looking to work with a school?  Then get in touch we would love to connect!

We are looking for employers who are keen to share their skills and experiences with our students. 

We hold a number of careers events in school, including Careers Fair, Career Assemblies and interview workshops and volunteers to support would be most appreciated.  We are also planning to start a Careers Café which you might like to attend.

If you are interested or would like to learn more, please contact:


Progression, Careers and Work Experience Leader