Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

KAN Programme

The Universities Access Programme, run by the Kent Academies Network and sponsored by the Sutton Trust, encourages and supports students with academic potential to apply for university.

Academic potential is the most important identifiers of who might be suitable for the scheme - students who are capable of thriving at Post 16 and Higher Education.  Social mobility criteria is the next most important as the programme aims to support students from challenging backgrounds with little or no family history of attending university.  In addition, the following criteria are also used to identify students:

  • those who have already demonstrated a strong work ethic 
  • those who are willing and able to work with others
  • those who are willing to commit to extra work outside of their usual school commitments
  • those who will be comfortable being away from home for two weeks a year
  • those who are good communicators and listeners

Students attend a two-week summer school at the University of Kent and follow a personalised timetable tailored to their interests and skills.

Staff from the University of Kent continue to support the students in their academic studies encouraging and motivating them to achieve their best in exams and apply for university.