Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Good literacy skills are essential to enable students to fully access all the curriculum, reach their full potential and be successful in life. Extending, developing and improving students' literacy skills are key focus areas for the Academy. 

Accelerated Reader

The development of literacy skills is fundamental to all areas of learning, enabling students to access the wider curriculum.

All Year 7 students at Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey are enrolled in the Accelerated Reader program, a computer based program designed to aid their progression as independent readers.

There are three main elements to Accelerated Reader:

  1. Books linked to the scheme are graded according to their difficulty level and number of words.
  2. Students complete a STAR Reading Assessment; a twenty minute on-line exercise to determine their reading level. It is then possible to match students with the most suitable range of books.
  3. After finishing each book, students access the computer program and take a quiz to provide instant feedback on how well they have read and understood it. Data is stored, keeping a running total of words read and quizzes passed.

Young people are deemed to make the most progress if they read independently for at least 30 minutes each day. Part of this time is available at school but, in addition, students should read for 15-20 minutes at home.

All students are welcome in the school library to read quietly, borrow books and, for those in younger year groups, take Accelerated Reader quizzes.

Literacy Mats

All subjects have produced ‘literacy mats’ featuring key words linked to their specific subject for students to learn.  These are highly visible around every classroom and differentiated for the Key Stages. 

KS3 Literacy Mats
Art BITE:   ICT,  Computing Drama


History Maths MFL
Music RE
Science Sport/PE
Food Technology Transition  


KS4 Literacy Mats
Art BITE:   BusinessComputing Child Development, Play & Learning 
Dance Drama Design Technology Engineering
Food Technology Geography Hair & Beauty
Medicine Through Time
Mechanics Media MFL
Music Psychology RE Science