Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

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Welcome to the student remote learning page, below you can find access to a range of materials that are designed to support learning, emotional and physical well-being below.

We are very excited to be using Microsoft apps to develop the effectiveness of teaching and learning in the Academy. All home work and independent study will now be set, completed and marked via MS Teams. Students will then also receive feedback on this platform directly from their subject teacher, as well as other platforms such as MS Forms and GoFormative.  

Due to the national lockdown, we are now moving to remote learning for all year groups.  Please visit our Remote Learning Offer page for a breakdown of how we will be providing our students a robust remote education. All lessons will be delivered live via MS Teams with resources provided. This will allow students to access the curriculum with a subject specialist. Those who are viable to attend school as they are either deemed by the Government to be educationally vulnerable or a child of a critical worker will also join the live lessons being taught on their timetable.  Work packs will only be made available for students who have been sent home to isolate and do not have access to online devices at home. 

Students can find their timetable via the Outlook calendar by selecting the calendar titled 'School Timetable' and there are additional subject resources found in our curriculum area located here. We will also be updating our really successful 'Exercise' and 'Cultural Challenge' sections on this web page. Also, check out our 'Lockdown Library' by clicking the image below.


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Online Safety - Parental Resources


If you require IT support please send an email to or alternatively phone 0207 921 4330.





Year Teams 



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Remote Learning Timings Of The Day

Period Time
1 9.00 - 9.45am
2 10.00 - 10.45am
3 11.25 - 12.10am
4 12.25 - 13.10pm
5 14.00 - 14.45pm


Students can view their timetable by visiting the calendar section of Office 365 Outlook Mail. Once students have the calendar on screen they will need to select the calendar titled 'School Timetable' to have it displayed. Depending on which device or version of Outlook the students the steps to achieve this differ slightly, please see below examples for the three main ways students access Outlook. 

To allow students to access their remote lessons their teacher will send them a lesson invitation. This invitation will appear in students calendars in both MS Teams and Outlook. For more information on how to join a remote lesson please visit our Microsoft Teams Lesson Support page

Additional Online Resources