Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


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  • Try to spend time outdoors if you can.  Following the government’s social distancing guidelines, you can go for a walk, a run or a bike ride.
  • If you can’t go out, take part in an online exercise or dance session.  If you have stairs, go up and down a few times for no reason other than to keep moving.
  • Sit comfortably, or lie down flat and do a body scan by taking long and comfortable deep breaths, and focus your mind on each part of the body starting from the toes all the way up to the head. This clears your mind and relaxes you.


  • Take a virtual tour of a historical place, a zoo or aquarium.
  • Keep up with your school work.  Your teachers are working hard to make sure you have plenty to keep you busy.
  • Daydreaming is exercise for the mind. Turn off your screens and allow your mind freedom to wander, you never know where it might lead.


  • Send some virtual support to someone who might need it.
  • Show support for the NHS, care workers and key workers by joining in the clapping outside your house or window on Thursdays at 8pm.
  • Give to yourself as well as others – find something good about yourself every day and learn to love who you are.


  • Stay in touch with friends and family using the technology we have at our fingertips; social media, phone calls, video calls, texts, emails.
  • Write a letter to someone who doesn’t have internet, email, social media etc.  Drop a note into a neighbour to ask if they are ok. Or tell them you are thinking of them.
  • Download the British Red Cross Kindness Calendar and record your random acts of kindness.


  • Stop, breathe deeply, look around you.  Notice things you don’t normally see when you are in a rush or on your phone.
  • Try to walk every day, even if only five minutes, observing social distancing, notice things about where you walk.
  • Is there something around your home that you could help with?


  • Encourage everyone you live with to recycle responsibly and reduce their use of single-use plastics.
  • Make sure that when you are out and about, you don’t drop any litter.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath to save water

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