Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Key Stage 3

We offer an exciting and varied learning experience at Key Stage 3 (currently Years 7 and 8).  Our philosophy is that students follow a broad and balanced curriculum that will stretch, motivate and engage all the learners under our care.

All students are supported to improve their abilities in English and Maths.  The most able are pushed to develop their analytical and independent skills, while there are a range of intensive support programmes in place to help other learners bridge any gaps in their learning.

Alongside this focus, students study a range of sciences, humanities and creative arts to help develop their knowledge and skills and to discover their own individual talents and interests.

Lesson Planning

Students have five one hour lessons each day, (25 hours of learning per week). They follow a two week timetable

English 3.5 hours

Top sets: 1 hour per week;

Other sets:  1 hour per week                                                             


3.5 hours

Numeracy (All sets) 1 hour per 2 weeks
Science 3.5 hours
Humanities: (History, Geography, RE and Citizenship)  3.5 hours
Modern Foreign Languages 1.5 hours
PE 2 hours
Technology 1 hour
ICT 1 hour per 2 weeks
Art 1 hour
Music 1 hour
Drama 1 hour

English, Mathematics, Science and ICT

English, Mathematics, Science and ICT will follow the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum schemes of work.

Modern Foreign Languages

All Year 7 students will study a language - French or Spanish.  Gifted linguists will have the opportunity to study a second language alongside their chosen option. Conversely, students needing additional literacy support may receive this during MFL time

Physical Education

PE is compulsory for all and offers students the opportunity to keep fit, develop a love of sport, and foster teamwork, leadership and other competitive skills. Students will partake in a wide range of sports including Football, Basketball, Netball, Athletics, Cricket, Gym, Yoga and Dance. A number of teams will also take part in competitive fixtures over the year. .

At the end of the summer term of Year 8, a Graduation Ceremony celebrates students' Key Stage 3 achievements and marks the beginning of their Key Stage 4 studies.

Curriculum Maps

To prepare students for the challenges of GCSEs and BTECs exams in Year 11, all subjects are backward planned from the GCSE or BTEC specification to allow learners to become familiar with the requirements of that specification from Year 7.  This gives students the greatest opportunity to be successful at their KS4 exams and allowing students to have the right set of qualifications to move onto the next stage of their educational career. 

Our Key Stage 3 Curriculum maps detail the topics studied by Years 7 and 8. 

Year 7

Art Design & Technology Drama Dance
English Science Geography History
Maths Music MFL - French Sport & PE

Year 8

Art Design & Technology Drama Dance
English Science Geography History
Maths Music MFL - French Sport & PE

Safeguarding Curriculum 

Transition Provision


  • Transition Provision will diminish the gaps between the transition group pupils and their mainstream peers
  • Allow rapid progress to be made in literacy and numeracy skills
  • Create a pathway for successful integration into mainstream classes

Entry Criteria

Pupils who enter the Transition Provision will not have met the nationally recognised minimum achievements in literacy and numeracy.  Currently (Term 2, 2016) the maximum mean CATs score for year 7 would be 100 and the maximum Progress Check 1 grade for English and Maths would be 3A.  This will change depending on the skills and abilities of the cohort of pupils.  Entry will only be for the pupils with cognition and learning difficulties. 

Success Criteria

The group will be reviewed at each data drop.  Pupils who will be re-integrated into mainstream will reach the following criteria:

  • On track to reach Year 11 MEG


Pupils in the Transition Provision will have their progress measured against Personal Learning Checklists.  They will also have regular reading and spelling tests.  External tests such as CATs will also take place.

Exit Criteria

When Transition Provision pupils show they are on track to meet their Year 11 MEG at a Progress Check point they will be re-integrated into a mainstream class.  This may be on a full time or a part-time basis depending on other factors such as attendance, social and emotional need and communication and interaction needs.  Re-integrated pupils will remain on a ghost register during the next Progress Check period.

All re-integration will be bespoke.

Permanent Exit Criteria

Pupil progress review for re-integrated pupils will take place at the 2nd Progress Check.  If they remain on track to reach Year 11 MEG then they will be permanently removed from the Transition Provision register and the ghost register.  Maintenance of progress is essential.  If pupils fall behind during the 2nd assessment period, they will re-enter the Transition Provision to further embed their skills.


The curriculum will have a literacy and numeracy focus.  There will be sessions covering:

  • Phonics
  • Handwriting skills
  • Reading skills (guided reading)
  • Comprehension skills
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Numeracy skills

Day Plan

Pupils will have 5 hours of lessons per day although they will not have a traditional hourly timetable.  They will have literacy and numeracy focus sessions and then some timetabled lessons including one PE lesson per week, and others from Music, Drama, Technology and Art. 

The time spent in the Transition Provision will be carefully planned so that clear routines are established, for example, Phonics maybe delivered from 8.30-9.00am every morning.  This might be followed daily by comprehension skills and then by handwriting practice.

Pupils will have two books, one for literacy and one for numeracy.

7XF Transition Provision

There will be one Year 7 Transition Provision.  This will be based on one campus.  It will contain a small number of pupils.  There may be a possibility of the academy minibus taking the pupils to the campus if necessary.

8XF Transition Provision

There will be one Year 8 Transition Provision.  This will be based on one campus.  It will contain a small number of pupils.  There may be a possibility of the minibus taking the pupils to the campus if necessary.

Bespoke Return to Mainstream Lessons

This will involve discussions with the SENCO to decide on the exact requirements of the bespoke package.

Parents will then be invited in by the SENCO to discuss the return to mainstream classes.


You can contact the school regarding the Transition Provision through the Assistant SENCOs Gwen Simmance and Martine Fairfield.




The Transition Provision Curriculum Map can be accessed here