Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Students in the sixth form enjoy the range of courses that are offered, which are not available elsewhere locally.

Ofsted, 2022

Here at Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey Sixth Form, we pride ourselves in our position as one of the main providers of post-16 education on the Isle of Sheppey. We are on a journey towards a Sixth Form of Excellence. 

Independence: ‘Nurturing an Autonomous Learner’ 

The transition from GCSE to A-level/Level 3 courses is substantial and requires students to enter into a ‘new way of working’. 

Students have a range of Study Zones throughout the campus that provide learning environments to spend their Private Study periods working autonomously. We do not expect our Year 12 pupils to develop into Sixth Form students overnight and appreciate the period of transition, which is why we incorporate a range of support interventions into their induction period; providing study schedules to map their time and models for autonomous studying.  

This extends from the wider principles of Oasis, of being self-controlled and humble, whereby pupils embrace this next step in their learning journey, that demands skilled self-regulation.  

Vision: ‘Having a sense of purpose’

The work of our experienced Career’s Leaders, combined with rigorous Tutor and General Studies programmes, means that from the beginning of Year 12, students begin mapping their post-16 pathway to life after Sixth Form, using platforms such as ‘UniFrog’ to build their portfolio. We believe that having an end-goal provides a Growth Mindset that is intrinsic to a self-motivated learner.  

This again, bridges from the wider Oasis 9 Habits, whereby pupils are encouraged to be compassionatehopeful and patient in their educational journey. This is fundamental in driving their motivation to succeed in Further Education. 

Employability: ‘Beyond grades’ 

In a highly competitive job-market, we are placing substantial emphasis on the fundamental skills and qualities that will maximise employability for our students. We use renowned programmes such as ‘UniFrog’ and ‘PiXL 6’ within our Tutor Programme and General Studies lessons, to ensure that students are developing skills and qualities that will simultaneously improve their academic performance and character build, such as time-management, leadership skills, reflexive thinking and resilience.  

Finally, as an extension from the 9 habits of Oasis, ‘Employability’ will engender the core values of well-rounded individuals who are honestjoyfulconsiderate and forgiving.  

Transforming Communities

All Sixth Formers are expected to participate in some level of voluntary or community work either inside or outside of the Academy.  Examples of this include a group of students who have led the Academy in becoming  ‘Dementia Friendly’; working with local care homes and organising a programme of entertainment for our termly Dementia Cafes.

Many Sixth Formers participate in their own personal voluntary work for local organisations that are close to their heart and others organise regular fundraising initiatives.