Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Life in the Sixth Form

Pastoral Care

Sixth Form students have dedicated Sixth Form Academic Mentors who are responsible for small groups of students.   Mentors monitor the progress of students and are the first point of contact for advice and support on academic and other issues.  Mentors regularly review attendance, punctuality and behaviour.

Sixth Form students are role models for younger students and are expected to fully contribute to the life of the Academy.


We have high expectations around punctuality and attendance.  Students who attend lessons pass their courses.  The Sixth Form day begins at 8.30am and lessons are scheduled between 8.50 am and 3.00 pm.  Anytime before or between scheduled lessons should be used for independent study, lesson preparation or volunteering around the school.

Should students be absent for any reason, it is essential that parents let us know via email or a phone call.  Family holidays, driving lessons, doctor's appointments or similar engagements should be arranged out of school hours so that students do not miss out on any of their learning. 

A minimum of 96% attendance is expected.  We see attendance as a sign of a student's commitment.  Students whose attendance is consistently below 96% and failing to engage with their learning may have their place revoked.  

Sixth Form Dress Code

We expect our Sixth Form students to be role models for our younger students.  Whilst they are not required to wear a school uniform, we expect them to be suitably dressed in business attire or the workwear required for their course.  More information can be found on our  Sixth Form Dress Code Policy. 


With our extensive network of community links Sixth Form students are able to enhance their c.v.s and make a difference to other people's lives by becoming involved in voluntary projects such as our award-winning Dementia Cafe, Peer Mentoring, and working with the NHS.  

The Academy also runs a huge primary outreach programme for our Island Primary Schools and there are always opportunities for Sixth Form students to support staff in community events.

As part of the Oasis family of Academies there are, of course, many opportunities to serve communities wider afield in the UK as well as overseas.

16-19 Bursary Fund

Funding for the 16-19 Bursary comes from central Government but is administered by schools and colleges. The fund is intended to provide financial support to help 16-19 year olds continue in full-time education.  For further details of the Bursary Fund please contact Mrs Kempt at chere.kempt@oasisisleofsheppey.org 


Our Parent & Student Guide to Oasis Sixth Form provides information on what life is like in the Sixth Form and the high expectations we expect from our Sixth Form students.