Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Sixth Form Team

You will receive a huge range of support at the Academy to ensure you reach the grades of which you are capable.  Staff who will support this process include:



Head of Sixth Form (KS5 Progress Leader) 

  • Academic progress 

  • Attitude to learning 

  • Behaviour 

  • Teaching and learning  


Miss Anna Sargeant 



 01795 873591 


KS5 Year Leader/Careers Leader 

  • Pastoral 

  • Attendance 

  • Careers advise 

  • University Applications 

  • Apprenticeship Applications 

  • Work experience  

Miss Chere Kempt 



01795 873591 

Assistant Principal Key Stage 5 

  • Strategic oversight of Sixth Form 

  • Strategic oversight of whole school Careers Education 

  • Works with Subject Specialists to support student progress 

  • Raising Aspirations 

Miss Helen Curran 



01795 873591 



The staff will work hard to support you in achieving the results you need for the university or career of your choice, but you will need to work hard too!  You will be expected to take advantage of free periods by accessing the resources and support on offer and we will encourage you to communicate with your subject teachers regarding coursework or assignments so that you meet deadlines.

In addition to the support that students receive, we encourage regular communication between staff and parents.  There are five calendared parents events each year, including one in the Autumn term to discuss progress early and a further one post mock results so we are able to discuss the progress made. 

Meet The Sixth Form Team